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The MDBA’s aim is to enable breeders to use these registries as a tool to truly better breeds and not just to document ancestry.By the MDBA providing this service it allows purebred breeders to continue to improve the health and welfare of their breeds while providing them with the security of a reliable and reputable service to maintain their records.

We believe if we are to prevent dogs suffering and stop the current trend toward the over-regulating of dog breeders, which negatively impacts the future of our breeds and the rights of all dog owners, it is time to re-assess and challenge traditional stud book registry protocols in purebred dog breeding.

This re-assessment ensures we move into the future with only the very best and healthiest purebred canines. It ensures those who are using the MDBA registries have a greater choice in which dogs to use for breeding purposes and to have access to a much wider gene pool.

A dog can be classified as eligible for registration in one of 6 registries

  • General Stud Registry
  • Foundation Registry
  • Extension Registry
  • Intermediate Registry
  • Preservation Registry

1. General Stud Registry

The purpose of the General Stud registry is to accurately document and keep records of all MDBA recognised purebred breeds. It records health and temperament issues, good and bad, and any recognised awards the dogs have attained. Pure breed dogs with verifiable pedigrees that are born anywhere in the world are able to be accepted into this registry.

2. Foundation Registry.

The purpose of the Foundation Registry is for new breeds which are in an EARLY developmental stage and in which record keeping is vital to the history and development of the breed. Dogs from the Foundation registry cannot progress to the General Stud registry unless they are first approved for the Intermediate registry.

3. Intermediate Registry

The purpose of the Intermediate Registry is to provide a transitional registry as a breed advances on its journey toward breed recognition. This registry identifies dogs which meet the advanced development criteria for qualification into the final phase before acceptance of the breed as a pure breed and entry into the General Stud book. The registry is also used as a step towards admission to the General Stud Registry for dogs moving from the Preservation Registry.  

4. Extension Registry  

The purpose of the Extension Registry is to provide the ability for a dog identified as a purebred but does not have pedigree evidence to be registered in the General Std Registry. This ensures that only dogs which have suitable pedigree evidence [via MDBA criteria] are able to have entry into the general stud book of an established purebred dog breed. No dog nor its progeny is able to gain entry to the General Stud registry without approval using the MDBA criteria.

5. Preservation Registry

The purpose of the Preservation Registry is to document and keep records of dogs which are included in a preservation breeding program. A preservation breeding programme is a planned  mating to achieve an approved goal. No dog can progress to General Stud registry without first being approved for inclusion into the Intermediate Registry.

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