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Our Mission:

The MDBA will preserve and improve canine life by assisting:
Dog breeders to achieve the highest potential of their breeding programs.
Dog owners to be responsible pet owners and
Pet carers to excel in their professions.
This is to be achieved by making a positive difference to their knowledge base and practices. The way to achieve this is to provide education, support and to show how a standard of excellence in dog breeding, dog ownership and canine care is achievable; To promote the public awareness, respect and accessibility of MDBA accredited dog breeders, through public relations and education throughout the community.

Our mission is to encourage our members to attain the highest of standards. We don't just ask them to improve, but provide them with all of the tools necessary to do this.

We also ask them to agree to abide by a Code of Ethics and rules relevant to their membership that is one of the toughest codes worldwide. This agreement places them in a position where they voluntarily agree to work to a standard and have third party accountability over and above most others.

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