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Rescue Kennel / Shelter Management                                  Purchase this course

Course Description


Designed for owners, managers and senior staff of Rescue kennels.


This is a course in Kennel/shelter Management which has been designed to provide a framework of material which can be used to make an extensive study of Rescue Kennel/shelter  Management by the students, thereby setting standards within the area of companion animal rescue facility care which is currently lacking.
By completion the student will know Planning and design systems, Local Authority regulations, Quarantine, Health and hygiene, Advertising and marketing , staff issues and staff training, organisation, management, accountancy, record keeping, business planning and how to run a profitable business in a non - profit or commercial setting, policy and procedural issues and insurance issues.


Students will complete assessment tasks with 20 hours of work experience.


Pre requisitenone


Course duration: on average 12 months home study self-paced.


Maximum Time allowed 30 months from purchase date.


Qualification on completion – MDBA Certificate of Achievement.


Entry requirements


Students must have Basic English literacy and numeracy skills.


Minimum education


Open entry. Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.


Computer requirements


Students will need access to a computer and the internet.


Fees - $330.00 – Member Discount applies Email for prices


Unit 1


Ethics, regulations, what is required when a dog is coming into rescue facility, disease control, and parasites


Unit 2

This unit will ensure the student has an understanding of the importance of effective Management of the Environment and Disease Control. Maintaining a Proper Kennel /shelter Environment and Hygiene and Sanitation of Kennel Runs. Design of the kennel /shelter.


Unit 3


This unit will introduce the student to issues regarding grooming services in a kennel/shelter setting and basic handling procedures.


Unit 4


Stress Management of Dogs in a Kennel/Shelter Environment.
This unit will teach students the factors to consider in identifying and reducing stress in dogs and staff in a kennel/shelter setting, maintaining a quiet kennel environment and the importance of daily visual inspections and handling, training, assessment and socialisation


Unit 5
This unit will show the student the basics of emergency first aid and the skills and equipment required to be prepared for an emergency situation including disaster management plans.


Unit 6
This unit will teach students the importance of keeping records and will discuss the basics of what records need to be maintained in a kennel setting. It also deals in details with policies and procedure establishment and compliance.Best practice versus mandatory legislation. 


Unit 7


This unit is in the form of an assignment and includes 20 hours' work experience in a rescue kennel /shelter setting.



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