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The Master Dog Breeders and Associates [MDBA]

An international pedigree, pure breed, dog registry which provides a wide range of services

to purebred breeders and companion dog owners.  




Due to the number of puppy scammers around, the MDBA will help you check whether you are buying a puppy from a legitimate MDBA member.


Please click here to send us the breeder details, so that we can verify their membership.

Please click here to find membership numbers that have been used in scams, or the membership has been cancelled or the member has resigned.


 What makes us different?
The MDBA places a higher emphasis on the dog's owner-handler-breeder.

We believe that getting the right people involved will lead to producing only the best dogs with their health and welfare at the core of any decisions.

This helps ensure that appropriate protocols and procedures are followed to ensure the best welfare of their dogs and the puppies they breed.

Our members who are located in all Australian states and 42 countries agree to focus on what is best for dogs by breeding pedigreed purebred dogs for health, temperament, type and function.
We help our members to excel by empowering them in making a positive difference to their knowledge base and practices.

We show how a standard of excellence in dog breeding, dog ownership and canine care is achievable when a focus is placed on what's best for dogs.
MDBA breeders are encouraged to breed toward producing dogs which are good representatives of their breed, without moving toward selection of extremes and without compromise on health, temperament

and a dog's quality of life.

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