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Scale of Charges - All charges are in AUS dollars  unless otherwise stated.

Fees are not refundable.

New Membership
Single Memberships
Breeder Member (1 year) $98.00
Breeder Member (3 years) $210.95
Rescue Member Individual  (1 year)  $47.00
Rescue Member Individual  (3 years) $75.70
Responsible Dog Owner (Lifetime Membership) $40.00
Smart Dog Owner Free
Group or Dual Memberships
Breeder Member - Dual (1 year) $125.25
Breeder Member - Dual (3 years) $271.66
Breeder Member - Triple (1 year) $185.25
Breeder Member - Triple (3 years) $321.66
Professional Membership (1 year) $125.20
Professional Membership (3 years) $270.95
Rescue Group (1 year) $102.50
Rescue Group (3 years) $252.62
Renewal Membership
Single Memberships
Breeder Member ( 1 year renewal) $85.00
Breeder Member (3 year renewal) $215.00
Rescue Member (individual) 1 year renewal  $51.00
Rescue Member (individual) (3 year renewal) $130.00
Group or Dual Memberships
Breeder Member (Dual) $115.00
Breeder Member (Dual) (3 year renewal) $285.00
Professional Membership $86.00
Professional Membership (3 year renewal) $219.00
Rescue Group $88.50
Rescue Group (3 year renewal) $225.70
Other Membership Charges
Duplicate Membership Certificate $30
Duplicate Membership Card $30
Stud Registry
Application $60.00
Yearly        $20.00
Transfer Application $20
Transfer $60.00
Please note that you will be charged for an application for an MDBA kennel prefix and the first yearly registration fee at the time that your membership fee is charged.
The yearly prefix registration fee will be charged every three years instead of every year if a 3 year membership is selected, meaning that it will need to be paid whenever it is that your membership is due for renewal.
  Individual Dog Registration Registration $60.00
Litter Registration
For each pup under 6 months from dob at time of payment  $19.00
For each pup between 6 months and 9 months from dob at time of payment $55
For each pup over 9 months from dob at time of payment $70
Admin charge for request for service certificate and other documents $20
  Semen Registration
Registration of Semen $60.00

Transfer of Semen (no certificate issued) $10.00

Transfer of Semen (certificate issued) $25.00


Transfer of Ownership


Transfer of ownership $25.00


  Amendment of Pedigree Amendment of details $30.00
Foundation Registry
Entry into Foundation Registry
Application for a new breed $465.00
  Individual Dog Registration

Application for inclusion of new dog $100.00

Registration of new dog $60.00

Associated Clubs  
Application to become an Associated Club $50.00
Approval and Registration of Associated Club $450.00
Associated Club annual fee $200.00
Other charges
Replacement Certificate of Pedigree or Registration $30.00
Postage and Handling Australia and New Zealand $7.50
Postage Rest of the World to be advised.


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