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The Master Dog Breeders and Associates was established in 2004
It is a group servicing, representing and uniting a wide range of canine enthusiasts, including purebred dog breeders, dog welfare and rescue organisations, professional people working with canines and responsible pet owners.

Membership is voluntary and is open to members of the public from all countries with an interest in dog breeding, welfare, ownership or care.

The Master Dog Breeders Academy is the educational arm of the MDBA and administers the MDBA educational program.

This program is an in-depth educational framework that has been tailored exclusively for dog breeders, dog welfare and rescue and/or re-homing organisations, pet owners. It also caters for those interested in a career in or already employed in pet care.

The coursework was developed with input from the most knowledgeable professionals in the pet-care industry.

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