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Applying for a MDBA Kennel Prefix

To apply for a MDBA kennel prefix all Applicants must:

- Be over 18 years of age,

- Be a current BREEDER member of the MDBA

- Be a MDBA member of good standing at the time of the application

- Pay the appropriate MDBA fee.

In applying for a MDBA kennel prefix, if the kennel prefix is approved, the Applicants understand that the kennel prefix:

- Will be permanently registered with the MDBA regardless of whether the owner(s) remain a breeder member.

- Must become a permanent prefix to any dog bred by the owner(s) of the kennel name.

- Must be updated annually to keep it on the active kennel list and that this list includes only those kennels that are current breeder members of the MDBA in good standing, who complete an annual kennel activation form. A small tri annual administrative fee will be applicable.

The offspring of dams registered under this kennel prefix will:

- Carry the prefix and will be registered to ALL owners of the prefix in the appropriate MDBA stud registry.

- A prefix Name cannot be more than 18 letters including Spaces

- A prefix name must consist of letters only. No symbols brackets or apostrophes etc

- As at 30th June 2014. No prefix will be approved which has a name incorporating that of an established breed (Such as Bulldog, Labrador etc.), a breed in devlopment or an F1 cross breed . (Such as oodle, doodle etc.)

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