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1 Zigwardo and Co

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Sarah Lewis
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French Bulldog
We are a small in home breeder based in Brisbane, QLD. The number one focus and vision for our program will always be the health of our dogs and puppies, as we strive to breed out/ away from health issues that our breed can be faced with.

All of our dogs are very much loved and spoilt family members. They spend their days living their best lives free range- there are no kennels here. Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment with children and other pets, with Early Neural Stimulation and Puppy Culture protocols.

We are focusing on increasing CFR (cranial facial ratio), improving structure and build, and great spines with ZERO hemivertebrae. Our dogs have extensive health testing throughout their lives, including CT scans to assess spine, hip, and trachea ratios, airways examination, and extensive DNA testing.

Our puppy families have our lifetime breeder support, many of our babies come back for visits throughout the year while their families enjoy holidays. Transport is easily organised Australia wide, we are 100% dedication to improving health and the future of breed worldwide.

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