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Highlands Australian Cobberdogs
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Australian Cobberdog
We purchased our first Australian Cobberdog in 2011 from Beverley Manners, of Rutland Manor in Australia and the Breed Founder of the Australian Labradoodle and the Australian Cobberdog. With that purchase we became the first USA members of the MDBA in 2011 and have imported 3 more Australian Cobberdogs from Beverley with our most recent being our handsome red boy Rutlands Lucca in early 2019.

Prior to 2011 we were breeders of the Australian Labradoodle (also founded/developed by Beverley Manners), and got our first breeding stock in 2007. At that time the Australian Labradoodle was primarily of Australian (Rutland Manor and Tegan Park) lineage, and many of our original australian labradoodles were primarily from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Australia stock. Sadly, since then, here in the US some changes were made to the australian labradoodle breed by US breeders which we did not agree to and that's when we made the decision to breed the Australian Cobberdog, a dog who truly represented Beverley's vision to protect the integrity of the breed going forward.

The Australian Cobberdog was originally bred to be service and therapy dogs by Rutland Manor and true to that vision, these dogs are everything you would want in a dog and more. They have calm, gentle temperaments, can be silly and goofy, love to be with their families curled up in front the TV or out with you on a mountain hike, on the lake canoeing, or at the beach running and playing frisbee.

We truly are VERY happy we made the decision to breed the Australian Cobberdog and so are our many families who absolutely love their dogs.
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