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Moving to the Stud Registry from the Foundation Registry.

An application to advance from foundation to Stud Registration status must be at least one year since the initial presence of the breed in the Foundation Register. An application form accompanied by a processing fee is to be forwarded to the MDBA executive.

Criteria to be met at this time include:

- At least 200 MDBA breeder members are breeding towards the breed standard.

- At least 500 dogs of the breed have been registered in the MDBA Foundation Register that have a minimum 4 generation purebred pedigree.

- At least 300 litters of the breed have been registered that are at least F4 generation.

- At least 1250 MDBA members in good standing from at least 2 different Regions are on record as owning dogs of the breed.

- There are at least 200 entire dogs with at least 4 generation pedigrees registered with the MDBA foundation registry which are judged to be prime examples of the breed standard and capable of breeding true to the breed standard. The breed standard may be amended at any point up until final approval for inclusion as a recognised breed is completed in accordance with breed standard amendments policy of the MDBA.

- An authenticated copy of the final Breed standard and requirements dated as at time of final submission for final breed approval.

- The parent club has maintained continuous contact with the MDBA by sending documentation of the conducting of club business and activities and has continiously complied with MDBA Parent Club rules.

- There has been a continuous enrolment of litters and dogs in the MDBA Foundation registry reflecting ongoing interest in the breed and a commitment to maintaining accurate pedigrees.

- The application is approved by the MDBA Board, and Genetics and Rules Committees

At the time of breed recognition acceptance the breed will be upgraded into the main stud registry and formal MDBA breed recognition will be announced.


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