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How individual dogs qualify for registration.

Australian and International groups and individuals do not need to join or work through the Parent Club or any other organisation to have their dogs registered on the MDBA foundation registry. However,all registration requirements, standards, proposals for change and communications regarding breed development will need to be presented to the MDBA by the parent club.

It is necessary,without exception for all who wish to have their dogs and their progeny registered on the MDBA foundation registry to become MDBA members and agree to the MDBA code of ethics.

Foundation registry stud books are open and will remain open until such time that the parent club applies for and is granted approval to have the stud books closed.

The following defines the way in which individual dogs qualify for registration in the foundation registry

If your dog is registered with a four generation pedigree by an MDBA accepted registry which is listed for your breed and is accepted by that registry as a purebred , a copy of the registry papers, your four-generation pedigree and the completed MDBA foundation stock application with two photos of the dog should be forwarded to the MDBA with the appropriate fee for application. The dog will be entered onto the MDBA foundation registry as a purebred.

If your dog does not have a 4 generation pedigree issued by an accepted registry it will be entered as the foundation stock of future generations.This includes dogs with three generation pedigrees, two-generation pedigrees, one-generation pedigrees or names of sire and dam only.

Please fill out the necessary foundation registry forms and forward them with any supporting documentation with the appropriate fee to the MDBA.

MDBA pedigree certificates will be supplied for every dog which is registered with the necessary MDBA codes to identify it as a recognised purebred animal of the breed or how many generations it is along the way in the development. Each dog in the ancestry will be marked to identify how many generations it is from being recognised as having purebred status.

As each new breed in development will have different registries if your dog is registered with a registry which is not listed as a MDBA accepted registry please fill out the required form to apply to have your dog's registry added to the list of accepted registries.

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