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Frequently Asked Questions - Courses

FAQs - Courses

Yes. There are NO residency requirements for any of the MDBA courses or programs of study. All of your assignments, including any hands-on components, can be done where you are. We have students completing their studies from all over the world.

The tuition fees can be found on each course details page. Australian residents pay GST. There are no other fees (e.g. no enrolment or graduation fees etc.).

The MDBA will provide a refund if requested via email within 7 days from the date of enrolment. There will be an administration fee of 30% of the course fees. All refunds will be paid in $AUD. The administration fee covers the time required to process the enrolment, the withdrawal/refund process, the course materials provided to the student and any other expenses incurred by the MDBA to process request .

Yes. All MDBA members receive between 10% and 50% discount on all courses. The amount of the discount depends on which course students are enrolling in.

An institutional discount is available for any individual, company or organization enrolling multiple students. The organization must contact us and provide proof of each person's employment paid or voluntary in the organization. The students do not need to be enrolled at the same time. After the first student is enrolled, a 10% discount on the tuition for any future students will be made available. Contact us for details.

  1. MDBA courses demonstrate that you have been formally educated and assessed in your chosen area of study and shows that you are serious about your chosen field.
  2. Formal credentials are an important sign of a serious commitment and the MDBA certificates are valued as the MDBA has developed a reputation for courses that have strong content.
  3. Our instructors are practicing industry leading professionals, here to help you develop your knowledge and goals.
  4. And of course, once you complete the course you have much more knowledge than you started with.

No. Unless otherwise stated on the course page, the student is responsible for acquiring any required or recommended reading materials at their own expense.

A student may appeal a decision to the MDBA Board. The ground for appeals are outlined in our Education Policy found here.

A certificate or diploma is not a degree. It is a document certifying the completion of a course of study involving multiple courses. The MDBA does not issue degrees. We award certificates or diplomas to represent graduation from our own programs of study.

No. The MDBA provides challenging and advanced coursework and programs of study related to our area of expertise, canine studies. Our credentials are respected and meaningful but not accredited. The absence of accreditation is in no way an indication of lack of credibility or lack of quality of our courses.

We are a non-vocational, private institution offering certificate and diploma courses and programs in our area of expertise. We offer challenging programs of study intended for personal interest or professional development.

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