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Frequently Asked Questions - Stud and Foundation Registries

FAQs - Stud and Foundation Registries

MDBA breeder members have to provide either the original registered pedigree certificate notarized to change ownership on the MDBA registry or a copy of the pedigree certificate to all people who purchase their dogs.

No the MDBA has only one level of registration on the main stud registry.

An MDBA member can provide a copy of the registered pedigree which has been provided to them by the MDBA to the owner rather than the original certificate. The breeder may keep the original until such time as some condition is met .eg. the dog is desexed or the breeder may never give the buyer the original pedigree certificate if they do not want the dog to be bred with and the puppies able to be registered on our stud registry. The MDBA will only accept original certificates to enable someone to use a dog for breeding MDBA registered puppies. If the breeder does not supply the original certificate the control remains with the breeder. The breeder is required to explain this in writing to the buyer prior to time of sale.

Yes. we trust that our breeders are making the best decisions for their dogs and will choose dogs they know will bring benefit to their breeding programs.

No, however, you do need to register your puppies on an MDBA recognised purebred dog registry OR the MDBA registry. If you are breeding dogs on the foundation registry you MUST register all puppies bred on the MDBA registry.

No but the owner of the stud dog must sign a service certificate to validate the mating.

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