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Our privacy Policy.

The MDBA places a high value in our members’ privacy. How we collect, use, exchange and protect personal information is important to the MDBA and our members.  We respect your privacy and we will never sell or give our members details to a third party unless we are legally required to do so.

We will not voluntarily hand your information over to third parties without your explicit consent.

If we receive a query about who is an MDBA member the only information we will give out is whether the person is a financial MDBA member.  We will not give out information on whether an individual is an MDBA member.

We will never publicise any information regarding your MDBA activities, for example the MDBA will never provide:

  •        Details of which breeders have had litters in any given period
  •        Member details on our website apart from the details entered by members themselves
  •        A list of MDBA registry prefix names

The MDBA will only collect information necessary for us to provide services to our members and which may assist in increasing the welfare of purebred dogs and responsible breeding.

The MDBA may aggregate information to assist with developing services for members or to gather health information about specific dog breeds.  This aggregation will not identify individual members or individual dogs.

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