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Rescue Members Code of Conduct


I agree to be aware of local, state and federal animal control laws and be responsible for obeying those laws which are pertinent to my location.


I will house animals in care and my own animals, under sanitary conditions which meet or exceed all minimum standards as defined by local health and sanitation authorities. All dogs in my care will be adequately housed in clean, comfortable and weatherproof accommodation with a minimum of 2 hours off lead and exercise with appropriate stimulation and companionship. All dogs in my care will be under control at all times, housing and exercise areas kept clean and all care taken to limit possible disturbance to neighbours. I will provide appropriate food, clean water, and shelter.


I will ensure that all animals and humans are safe from risk or injury and I will not accept more animals than I am able to adequately care for. I will ensure I have provisions for disaster and emergency management


I will make adequate provision to ensure that animals are free of parasitic infestations.


I will take adequate precautions with entire dogs in my care to ensure against unwanted pregnancies


I will temperament test each animal and exercise good judgment to assure its suitability for placement. I will not knowingly place a vicious or otherwise seriously temperamentally unsound animal in an adoptive home.


I will ensure rescue animals deemed un adoptable for reasons of health or temperament, will be humanely euthanased by a veterinarian or legally qualified person and properly disposed of.


I will thoroughly interview potential adopters using appropriate methods (e.g.. written application, phone interview, face-to-face interview references ) with the goal of placing all rescue animals in homes that are specifically breed / size appropriate to each individual animal.


I will educate potential adopters about issues regarding the adopted animal and its needs, i.e. temperament, health, training and care. I will provide education and support to those who adopt animals from me.


I will require sterilisation for all rescue animals prior to re homing. The only exception to this requirement is a veterinarian's written certification that sterilisation should not be performed due to advanced age or health problems or the animal is being returned to its breeder. I will keep a copy of said certificate on file. Where practicable a dog/puppy should be returned to a current breeder member of the MBDA, without prejudice and to any other ANKC breeder or breeder on alternative registry at the rescue discretion.


I will ensure all potential adopters that rent or lease their residence have landlord approval to own and house a dog on their premises.


I will require that adopters be at least 18 years of age.


I will provide periodic follow-up checks with the new owners to ease adjustment problems the dog may incur. I will endeavour to help the new owner in every reasonable way. All animals adopted must be living primarily in the domicile of the family, as a household pet and companion unless the animal is being specifically placed as a working dog.


In order to prevent their unlawful use, I will not release the original pedigree registration papers of any rescue animal to the adopter, even if the animal is sterilised unless these papers have been updated to show sterilisation status and owner change with the Canine Council Registry. In all other cases copies only will be provided. Releasing an animal to its breeder may be exempt from this if it complies with policies in place by the group.


I will pay agreed-upon fees to releasing agencies for rescue pets and agreed-upon expenses to private individuals who assist with the acquisition, transportation, or temporary care or treatment of rescue pets.


I will only accept surrendered animals with an intake form which will include the dog's name, age, sex, physical condition and description, health and veterinary history, and reason the animal was surrendered where possible. A brief summary of animal's habits is also needed if possible. I will ensure I receive all appropriate paper work if rescuing from a pound.


I will ensure Intake forms will be signed and dated by surrendering owner as well as myself and copies given to the surrendering owner.


I will make no animal available for adoption until an appropriate veterinary exam, appropriate vaccines as well as a temperament evaluation, is completed. Any known medical problems will be treated before release. I will only home puppies and adults, which, to the best of my knowledge and belief are in good health at the time of sale.


I will never with hold an animal's age, sex, or previously known habits, behavioural and medical history from potential adoptive homes.


I will keep appropriate records of each animal.


I will not adopt or provide animals for adoption for the purpose of breeding or sale. I will never knowingly sell any puppy/adult dog to laboratories, pet shops or dealers in dogs or to person's known to sell stock to any of the above.


I shall never allow any puppy to be homed before the age of 8 weeks. No puppy shall be sold without having had its first vaccination, regular-worming treatments and will provide documented evidence of such to the purchaser.


I will impress on the buyer that they should contact me in the event of any problem arising with the puppy or adult and that I will make every effort to be of assistance in these circumstances. In the case of a dog needing to be re-homed I will take full responsibility to assist as much as possible in achieving this end and will accept the return of that dog at any age if this is in any way possible.


I will allow representatives of the MDBA to inspect my property or my dogs if requested.


I will lead by example and advocate responsible dog ownership.


I will encourage exchange between members of knowledge, of technical practical and ethical matters and refrain from making disparaging remarks about other rescue workers or MDBA members.


I will uphold and sustain the integrity of the MDBA through impartiality and confidentiality. I will do nothing, which will bring the MDBA into disrepute

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